How to UN-Frustrate Your Steps to a New Home Based Business

When I started my home based Internet business, spending months focusing on all there is to know about Internet marketing, I came to realize that just because some have something of value to say, doesn’t mean I need to know it, or know it now, or know it all. There is too much information to learn it all, and you need to learn how to put it down and refocus in the right direction, submitting press releases.

Never Give Up

The biggest thing I know to be true for all new business owners, is that if you give up, you will obviously not make it in the Internet marketing business world, and most likely not in any type of business — online or off. This is what business is all about in the beginning, and you need to stay the course. As frustrating as it may be or get, you must never give up.

There is a way to take smaller steps that can be learned and built upon. Whether you are looking for a new home based business or you have just started one and want to gain control over what it is all about, I want to share what I have learned that will give you some breathing room. So please relax, this endeavor is not as big as you might think.

If you are looking for a new business opportunity, this information will help you step into and start a new business by helping you focus on what is most important to it’s growth or existence — gaining customers.

If you have recently started a new home based Internet business, then this information will help you step into, and get your new business off the ground on the right foot by helping you focus on what is most important — gaining customers.

You need to learn how to gain customers — first.

This might sound like a contradiction if you do not have a business. But I’m not asking you to gain customers for a business that does not exist. I said, you need to “learn how” to gain customers.

I understand that you cannot bring customers into a business that does not exist. However, you still need to understand that it is the customer that makes a business function. Without the customer, there is no business — none. You say, “Steve, that is a no brain-er, who doesn’t already know that?”

The reason I am telling you this is because most people searching the Internet for a new home based business or some Internet marketing business opportunity are trying to understand what “a” or “the” business is all about first, or what the business plan or model is all about. While this is important, it is not as important as first learning how to attract customers to your business or offer.

Many home based businesses have everything already setup for you. Therefore making it very easy for you to step in and quickly focus on what is important — gaining customers. (Every business has it’s start and it’s existence because of it’s customers.) Learning this will open your eyes to possibilities of owning or running multiple businesses.

So, in light of the fact that many online business opportunities already have the business model in place, therefore allowing you to focus on the customer, you want to first learn some basic information about attracting customers before you join a business, or continue trying to learn everything about the business or company you are associated with.

Once you get some basic understanding on how the Internet can work for you, and how you can use some simple and free resources to attract and gain customers, you will then begin to understand what and how to look for a new home based business, or how to more effectively run your existing Internet business.

All of that being said to bring you to my point and exercise. And that is that only through experience will you fully understand what I am sharing with you.

Free Press Release Submission

You can do a Google search for “Free Press Release Submission” to find a free press release site. Setup an account, and write your first press release about anything… Maybe you have a new website, or there is a party this coming Friday, whatever you like. Read the sites guide to setting up a press release, write it and submit it. Congratulations is in order when you complete it! You have just taken a very important and powerful step toward running a successful home based business.

There is of course a lot more to submitting a quality press release that gets attention, but that is not the purpose of this article. Now go to Google and search for the title or some part of a sentience in your press release with quotes (and maybe your name) and it should show up. Once you see a press release that you typed show up on Google, and within hours of submitting it, you will begin to understand the power at your finger tips.

Now you just need to refine your knowledge and keyword/phrase skills and you will be well on your way to understanding what a new home based business can do for you now with this new knowledge. Again, you will not understand what I am telling you until you submit your first press release.

Commercial Property Investment – Winning Strategies

For someone looking for a high return on capital invested, commercial property investment is always a possible choice. This area of real estate offers rewards that would be difficult to match with most other investments. However, as with any kind of investment, there is always some risk involved. With the right planning, however, you can definitely minimize your risk and stand a good chance of making a substantial profit. Here are some strategies that will give you an advantage in this exciting field.

Stick to Your Budget

It can be tempting at times to spend more than you can really afford. You may look at a property and become enthusiastic about the possibilities, thinking of the many ways you can multiply your initial investment. However, if you overextend yourself, you won’t be in a position to maximize the property’s potential. Work within your means.

Know What You’re Buying

Before you seriously consider any purchase, make sure you are thoroughly familiar with every relevant aspect of it. Naturally, the location is of utmost importance. As a general rule, it’s best to have some pre-existing basic knowledge of the property and area before you invest in it. It’s always more difficult to travel somewhere and have to find everything out for the first time. You have to rely on the advice and findings of others, and it can be easy to miss key details until after the contract is signed.

Consider The Potential

When considering a property, you have to look at what it is now and what the potential is in terms of changes, renovations or expansions you are planning. If it will require a great deal of work before it can turn a profit, you have to be sure to consider all the expenses, including taxes, legal fees and insurance. Expenses almost always wind up costing more than the owner initially planned, so always leave yourself room for unforeseen costs.

You should also familiarize yourself with your future tenants. If the property already has tenants, are they solvent? If you will be acquiring new tenants, do you have them lined up or do you have a plan on how to attract them?

Market Conditions

Another factor that cannot be overlooked is the economic climate of the area you are thinking of investing in. No one can predict the future, but you can often make an educated guess at the likely direction of future trends. If the price of a property seems to be too much of a bargain, there may be a reason for this. You should consider the economic health of the city or region, local crime rates, as well as the overall appearance of the area.

Talk To Knowledgeable People

Before making an investment, get to know some people in the area who are knowledgeable about the business climate. Network with members of the local business community. If there is a real estate investor’s club in the area, join it. This can be the very best way to gather inside information about opportunities and specific properties.

These are some of the strategies that can help you make profitable commercial property investment choices.

Simple Business Tools That Will Enhance Operational and Financial Performance of Your Business

Smaller companies are often unaware of simple tools that can be used to improve business performance. They are relatively cheap and easy to use. So what are they and what exactly do they do?

Some smaller businesses believe that business tools are only for larger companies. This could not be further from the truth. Proper use of a number of simple business tools can seriously affect business performance by increasing both operational efficiency and profitability. I would recommend 4 different tools, which collectively cost about $500. They are intuitive and easy to use. So what are they?

1. Mind Maps
2. Business Health Check
3. Business Planning Tools
4. Microsoft Visio

Mind maps are computer based programs that you can purchase and download over the internet. They are a terrific management tool in that they allow you to summarize an enormous amount of detail on a single page. Consider all of the tasks you need to undertake in a week or a month and you will find that there is no way to keep on top of everything if you list them in a traditional linear fashion in a notebook or on several sheets of paper. Mind maps allow you to keep track of all of the important issues including key assignments for staff, performance measurement, key account management, strategic development, milestone management, to mention just a few. They also allow you to record details of meetings in a coherent and ordered way which facilitates excellent follow up. You may also use them to brainstorm ideas with your team.

A business health check tool allows you to step back from your business and to analyze it in detail using several hundred well targeted questions. A good one will focus on every aspect of your business including leadership, management style and capability, operational competence, financial management, management and use of information, IT infrastructure, quality and effectiveness of staff, business planning and many more key measures. It is similar to getting a management consultant to come into your business and look underneath the hood, except you can do the diagnosis yourself and it is much more cost effective. The advantage is that it gives you a deep insight into the here and now so that you can then plan your business’s future more coherently.

Business planning is often overlooked in small businesses. This can be a costly mistake. It makes little sense to allow your business to drift on a day-to-day basis and for you to be simply reacting to situations rather than anticipating and actively managing them. Every business needs a road map to keep it on track. A business plan allows you to build a strong team culture with a shared vision of the future. If the whole team has clarity of purpose and is pulling well together, then the business is going to perform substantially better. There are many business planning tools available on the internet and some are even free. The ones you pay for tend to offer you more.

Microsoft Visio is a simple drawing tool that anyone can learn with as little as half an hour on the computer. There are a multitude of uses it can be put to in your business from building marketing brochures and flyers to designing standard forms and stationery. My personal favourite use of Visio is for drawing business process workflows. It is amazing to see with clarity how we go about doing things in our businesses when it is shown in a visual way on a piece of paper. All of a sudden you notice the redundancy in the way that even the most simple activities are carried out. This facilitates changing your business processes and streamlining them to be more efficient. It also allows you to coherently document your processes so that is no ambiguity about the way in which your staff executes them. This can save you a lot of wasted time and money.