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Remember Investing is About Profiting – Tip – Invest Not Restrict

People are always asking me which stock to buy, or which sector is hot right now for them to jump into. Questions like that usually make me laugh a little to myself, because even though investing is in part about what is “hot” (an investment must increase in value to benefit you), it is mainly value in relation to what people are paying for something now versus what they might pay for it later.

For the most part I put people on a safe path towards a desired yearly return with an acceptable risk level based on their comfort level and financial goals. However, I am constantly reminding people that investing is about profiting, so why are they limiting themselves to just one market.

Everyone knows something: a hobby, a trade, a skill, a way of life. However, not many people have the confidence to pursue this type of investment. Alternative as it might be, sometimes the best investment for people is not the stock market, but in a carefully laid out investment in themselves.

It’s no secret that one of the most profitable investments is starting a business. There’s an old saying “Those with wealth invest, those with knowledge create.” People usually find themselves on either end of the spectrum, some even in the middle. The point is, why are you not investing in one of the best vehicles for your dollar?

The sad fact is that most people either do not have the drive to motivate themselves to start a business or lack the knowledge in the field of business they wish to enter. True, starting a business can be a daunting task, capable of sucking away most of your time. Estimates range that a new business owner’s weekly workload can average around 50-70hrs, leaving little time for social events or anything else that is not properly time managed correctly. This leads to the fact that 80% of new businesses fail within their first year of operation.

If 80% of new businesses fail in their first year, then why is it a good investment? Simple, one net worth can grow tax deferred (or tax free in some cases) a multiple of times within a very short period of time. It’s like picking a stock at $1, and having it go to $20, but you’re in control of how high it can go. Most businesses fail due to poor planning, time constraints, or even a business owner trying to tackle everything on their own and not having enough time to effectively handle even one part of their business correctly. Stress, financial strain, legal matters, taxes, employees, are among other things that can bog down a business in the beginning.

With most investments, more reward means more risk, but with a business, the risk is usually limited because you control it. You decide each move, each play, and as such control the outcome of your investment return; the trade off is that you must make each decision not someone else. With a business, you are trading the ability to make more by correctly leveraging off of yourself and other people (employees), versus making a limited or lesser amount by “correctly” selecting the best company to “invest” in. Too often people have gotten burned in the market because even though they did the correct due diligence on a company and found a sound investment, the market “reacted” differently than what made fundamental sense. The end result is a loss when you should have had a win. With a business, you decide, because the health (net worth) of your business is directly related to the fundamental factors affecting it, not by the rapid selling of trust funds, or liquidating board’s members with enormous option packages to cash in.

Just remember that if done correctly, starting a new business can become a well oiled-machine. Providing a continual net worth increase and making your every dream become a reality, being only limited by our drive and imagination. The wealth that can be ascertained with a business is comparable by few other investments making it a worthwhile venture to consider.

4 Good Reasons Every Florida Corporation Needs a Business Lawyer

Every corporation, despite its nature, size or location, can benefit from having an effective lawyer that specializes in business affairs on retainer. An experienced business lawyer can provide legal assistance at every stage of your business, from the conception and organization phase, to advising you of potential issues of liability, and defending you from frivolous claims and lawsuits that could threaten your corporation’s success.

If you do not have a business lawyer on retainer, you are not alone. Most business owners do not consider hiring a lawyer until they are faced with a specific legal problem or after they’ve been sued by another party.

An experienced and knowledgeable business lawyer can play an integral role in your corporation’s success. Here are four good reasons every corporation needs to hire a business lawyer:

1. To assist with the start-up and organization of the corporation…

One of the best times to enlist the services of a lawyer is at or before the start-up of your business. A lawyer can help you evaluate the viability of your business idea before you invest any capital. He/she can also help you choose the best structure for your company, whether a limited liability company or corporation, and help you identify any potential liability or other legal issues you may face.

2. To keep your corporation in compliance with applicable local and federal laws…

There are laws that govern practically any and every action your corporation wishes to carry out. However, because most entrepreneurs that decide to start a corporation does so with little or no legal expertise, many corporations fail to comply with laws that are applicable to them and as a result, they face fines, lawsuits and other legal actions. A business lawyer can make sure you’re aware of the laws and regulations that are relevant to your corporation, and prevent you from taking action that will jeopardize your corporation’s success.

3. To properly advise and structure partnership agreements…

As with most business partnerships, there will be times when all parties will not agree on the operations of the business, management decisions, employees, or salaries. If you are considering starting a business with another person or entity, or entering into some type of partnership, protecting your interests should be one of your top priorities. With the help of a business lawyer, you can have a partnership agreement drafted that will layout and define each partner’s expectations. By clearly defining the roles, responsibilities and expectations of each partner, you can limit the presence of disagreements and potential conflicts.

4. To prepare ironclad business contracts…

An essential component of any business relationship is a written, legally-binding contract. In Florida, there are three essential components that must be present in a valid Florida contract. If your contract lacks any one of the three components, it may not be considered valid and enforceable. Thus, the terms of the agreement that were in place to protect you and your company, can be considered null and void, denying you the very protection you sought during preparation of the contract. A business contracts lawyer can protect you from this potential pitfall by preparing an ironclad business contract that outlines the terms of the contract and possesses each of the three elements required in the state of Florida.

As with any business endeavor, it is imperative that you put forth every effort to protect your business and non-business related interests. Waiting to hire a business lawyer can be dangerous for you and your corporation. In the event a problem arises, you can better benefit from the assistance of a lawyer that you have an existing relationship with; a lawyer that thoroughly understands the ins and outs of your corporation.

Why risk your Florida corporation’s success by foregoing a business lawyer? By hiring a Florida business lawyer, you are one step closer to building the successful empire you’ve dreamt of. While you focus on what you do best, your business lawyer can focus on helping you protect, defend and build your corporation.

What You Need to Know to Purchase a Commercial Investment Property

Getting into the investment property business can make you a good amount of money. In the UK, the commercial investment property business can be big. If you want to cash in, all you need to do is know the best way to go about doing it and make sure you’ve secured the capital needed to make your real estate investment properties pay off so you can make a profit.

Commercial Investment Properties to Purchase

The first thing you should do is understand the types of properties that are available. These include industrial rental properties, or other commercial investment property options such as shopping malls and offices. You can also purchase land which you will then turn into a commercial property. Once you find what you want, such as a mall, you can then break them up into smaller pieces as is the case with offering retail spaces for lease.

However, not just any piece of land is suitable for commercial use. Some areas may have restrictions as to whether or not the land can be used for industrial and commercial purposes. Other pieces of land may be zoned correctly, but the location is not ideal for other reasons.

Find a Commercial Property Agent

There are a lot of real estate agents out there. If you want to lay your claim in the commercial real estate market it is worth your while to find an agent that specialises in commercial property investment and sales. Buying an investment property takes planning and research. The right agent will direct you to the properties that are the best match for what you want. Plus, they can alert you to things like commercial real estate auctions so you can potentially get a good deal on a property.

Know the Rules and Laws

When it comes to commercial property investment options, there are plenty of rules and regulations that you need to follow. That’s why it’s important to hire a lawyer who specialises in commercial property investing. A good agent is also a big asset. The agent and the lawyer often work together to make sure that all the rules are followed properly. Commercial real estate transactions can be tricky so having the right people on your side is a real asset.

Buying and profiting from commercial investment property in the UK offers a good opportunity to make money. The property can be used for a variety of purposes because commercial real estate has a lot of facets. Things like malls and office buildings can be purchases and pieces of them can be leased out separately for greater profit. Since the options are numerous, it is important to have a good agent and a good lawyer on your side to help make your venture successful.